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On the road: camper road trip Norway

After two weeks on the road, it’s time for some pictures of our camper road trip around Norway. Here the days are really long and the nigts short: not only because the sun goes under around midnight and comes up again around three (there’s just little darkness), but also becasue of the kids think it’s not time to go to sleep until late in the evening and wake up very early (I close everything in the camper, but still you get some light in).

sunset around 23:45
sunset around 23:45

The weather here also changes quite quickly, we arrived to a sunny Bergen, with 24 degrees. In two weeks we have had sunny and rainy days, twenty something degrees but also cold weather.


Ok, we have had snow as well, but we were driving high in the mountains. The most amazing drive was the Aurlandsfjellet where the snow walls were still high. Our camper is almost 3 meter high and it was as high as the walls.


We have taken fjord cruises and walked around. I cannot tell which fjord we liked the most. In Geiranger and Eidfjord we had amazing weather and that makes such a difference.

Hiking in Geirangerfjord

Liam is enjoying himself and loves driving in the camper as well as taking the ferry. But he gets angry when we take a train and the journey is over. In Flam we took the Flamsbana and he was really upset when he had to leave it after two hours  😛


For me the highlight of the two weeks was the hike to the Preikestolen. We weren’t sure if we would be able to complete it as it’s a very demanding 7,6 km hike. We had to hurry up to get there, because of the weather: the day before was raining and today (the day after) it’s also raining. So we really picked a dry day. It was strenuous, but the views where amazing (I will write a more extensive post after we are back).


We still have a week of holidays and we are driving towards home, but we still have nice things planned like Dyrenparken in Kristiansand and Legoland in Denemark.


  • Monica

    We love to hear about your trip here in Norway, and hope that we someday can see this part of Norway too. Can’t wait to see more of your beautiful pictures 🙂 Drive safe and enjoy rest of your trip!

  • Yvonne

    Wow, look at this snow at Aurlandsfjellet, amazing! We were there in a warm summer and even had some places with a little bit of snow, but this is impressive. You’ve seen so much already! Still a week left: Njoy!

    • shere

      I didn’t know there’s so much snow there!! It was a great surprise. With a bit of a sunshine the landscape would have been incredible, but as soon as we got to the top it was raining.

  • Rhonda Albom

    It looks really amazing. I can no longer imagine traveling with little ones who don’t get enough sleep. Looks like you coped pretty well. Pulpit Rock was amazing, but we only saw it from the water.

    • shere

      I was also forgotten how it was with a little baby, ha,ha,ha. Luckily the nights are short and with so much light you feel really energized.

  • Mary {The World Is A Book}

    We absolutely loved our short visit to Norway a few weeks ago. My husband and I decided we’d love to return for a longer period of time and do a road trip. So glad your road trip went well. Wasn’t that Flam Railway just incredible? I can’t imagine doing that hike with two small kids so major kudos for accomplishing that task.

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