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AtoZ: G is for eating a Giraffe

Last 2008 I was in South Africa and one of the highlights of the trip was the night safari at the Kruger Park: we saw two lionesses eating a giraffe!!

En 2008 estuve en Sudáfrica y uno de los mejores momentos fue ver a dos leonas comiéndose una jirafa durante el safari nocturno en el Kruger Park.

lionesses eating a giraffe
lionesses eating a giraffe

I know, the A to Z challenge theme is #tastytravel. For us it might not look so tasty, but the lionesses were enjoying the giraffe.

Ya se que nuestro tema es #tastytravel y aunque para nosotros las fotos no sean muy apetecibles, las leonas disfrutaron de su botín.

lionesses eating a giraffe
lionesses eating a giraffe

This photo it’s not so #tastytravel with entrails visible 😛 

Esta foto si que no es muy #tastytravel con las entrañas esparcidas 😛


It was a pretty scary experience too!! we were on a open jeep and so close to them that you could hear the bones crashing. “Are you sure they don’t like humans as a dessert??!!”

La verdad es que fue una experiencia única y un poco de miedo si que daba, porque íbamos en un jeep sin puertas ni techo ni ventanas. Estabamos tan cerca de las leonas que oímos crujir los huesos de la girafa. De verdad que llegué a pensar espero que no se les ocurra saltar dentro del jeep.

so close to lionesses eating a giraffe
so close to lionesses eating a giraffe

Have you been in South Africa? and on a safari?

Has estado en Sudáfrica? y de safari?


  • N J Magas

    Wow! Those are some amazing pictures! Very, very cool! I’ve always wanted to go on an African Safari.

  • Rhonda Albom

    While I consider myself to be pretty open about foods, and did eat camel meat in Morocco, I have to say I was glad it wasn’t you eating the giraffe, and even more glad that you were not desert.

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