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2017 summary & giveaway

I love to make a summary of every month. In December, the summary it’s not about only the month but about the whole year. What have we done the past 365 days? Let me just make a summary in numbers and pictures. And read it until the end because we also have a giveaway!!


In 2017, I have spent 101 nights somewhere else!! I knew we have been on quite some trips, but 101 days means more than 3 months!! From those nights, 80 were outside The Netherlands. Most of them in Madrid (44), followed by Slovenia (13), Germany (8), Switzerland (6), Austria (4), Valencia (3) and Cuenca (2).

Bled, Slovenia
De leukste pauze plekjes voor de kinderen langs de Duitse snelweg – Erlebnisbauernhof Aufhof


In The Netherlands, we have used our ¨new¨ caravan a lot. We have spent weekends in De Friese Wouden, Beekse Bergen, Efteling, Wildlands, Slagharen, Callantsoog. But also many days out in Friesland.

De Friese Wouden

We also did two press trips. One weekend to De Friese Wouden and one weekend in the YogaCamp.

The most special place we have slept this year is the straw-igloo from De Hayema Heerd.


Well, I can tell you part of my secret in order to travel a lot beside my full-time job. I have 20 days of holidays and I “buy” another 16 days. From 2017, I still have 12 days over!! That means that in 2018 I’ll have 48 days of holidays. 12 weeks (as I work 4 days/week) 🙂 So my “secret” is to buy the maximum of the days off but also using those days wisely. This Xmas, I only had to use 3 days to have almost 2 weeks of holidays. My second way of optimizing the days off and saving also some money is working from home. When I’m in Madrid, I normally work during the day (my mother takes care of the kids) and then enjoy the evening with the kids and friends. Being able to fly on Wednesday and work Thursday and Friday from home means that the flights are less expensive than when you leave Friday 🙂 At the end of 2018, this flexibility will end as Liam will turn 5 and cannot miss one day of school 🙁

Looking at the blog, we have some blogs that really did well. This is our Top 6:

#1 – Hoeveel kost een kampeervakantie in Slovenië?, it seems Dutch people really love camping holidays and are wondering about Slovenia.

#2 – Dónde hacer las fotos más típicas holandesas, an older post that stills attracts a lot of visitors 🙂

#3 – Itinerario y gastos 3 semanas en autocaravana en Noruega con niños

#4 – Costs for 3 weeks caravan trip in Slovenia with children

#5 – Itinerary and costs for 3 weeks campervan trip in Norway with children

#6 – ¿Es Legoland caro?

Our most read post

2017 was a really good year in terms of travel. The down part of the year was breaking my right arm at the end of November. The bone now is almost recovered, so I’m starting physiotherapy to recover the strength and mobility of the muscles and the shoulder. On the positive part, I won a cruise! We’ll be cruising from Venice to the Greek Islands in June. Let’s see how we like it 🙂



For 2018, we still have a lot of time to fill with trips. So our first stop this year is the Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht. One of the best places to also get travel inspiration. That’s why we are giving away 3 x 2 tickets. Do you want to win a pair?

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  • The winners will be randomly picked on Sunday 7th January at 22:00 CET.


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  • Rhonda Albom

    Over 100 days travelling out of the year is impressive. I am very happy that the caravan is working out so well for you. I think it makes it much easier to travel with the kids.

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