This is Friesland in winter
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2013 in 12 pictures

I started writing this post a month ago and I always put the same excuse for not having the time to write/publish: Liam.

January / Enero

Last year January was really cold in The Netherlands, but I started to look for the fun things to do on that cold but sunny days (which are not many). Two years ago I started learning ice skating and last year I was ice skating for the first time on natural ice. It was fun and if you are curious about my ice skating skills the posts “This is Friesland in winter” even has a video.

This is Friesland in winter
This is Friesland in winter

February / Febrero

Finally February! I know it was only the second month of the year, but it was the month in which we finally went on honeymoon and a honeymoon is always a good reason to do things you otherwise wouldn’t do, like jumping out of a plane at 15.000 feet. Well, also the destination of our journey was special, the other side of the world: New Zealand!


March / Marzo

We also spent half of March in New Zealand. When you fly so far away, it’s not worth it for just a couple of weeks. If I would need to pick one place to come back, that would be Milford Sounds, next time I want to walk the Milford track, one of the nine great walks (I have added it to my bucket list).  stowaway


April / Abril

April was the month of the AtoZ challenge. At the beginning I was very enthusiastic but at some point my energy was going down and the time besides work was too little. Nevertheless I “meet” other travel bloggers like Rhonda from laugh-quotes, Molly from a foreign land, Kelly from my destination unknown and Jessica from a passion and a passport


May / Mayo

May was a no-posts month due to the stowaway we brought from New Zealand 😛


June / Junio

In June I joined the blogger traveller and decided to write about the HT Race. June it’s always a great month in Harlingen: we have a lot of events and the weather is mostly nice.

HT Race
HT Race

July / Julio

In July we discovered that we were getting a son! We would have been happy with a girl too. Well, we had a name for a girl, but it took as months to decide the name for our little boy.

It's a boy!!!
It’s a boy!!!

August / Agosto

If there’s something you can do in Friesland, that’s sailing. Last year we didn’t sail much, so it’s on the list of this year.


September / Septiembre

The belly was getting bigger and bigger and my posts were mostly an update of the growing belly. I normally don’t appear on the pictures, because I’m the one taking the pictures. So taking “selfies” every now and then was at the end worth it.


progress with liamOctober/ Octubre

Our last (mini) trip as a couple. We went to Düsseldorf for a weekend. We love visiting Düsseldorf from time to time, we feel like it’s like our second home town.


November/ Noviembre

Liam was born 4 weeks earlier than the due date, just on my birthday. I was getting very ill and the doctors decided it was time for him to be born, could you imagine any better birthday present?


 December/ Diciembre

The start of “the first times”: our first trip as a family (which we’ll post soon), Liam’s first Xmas, …

Merry X-Mas
Merry X-Mas

2013 was definitely a year of a lot of happiness and moments to remember. What is the moment of 2013 you will always remember?

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  • Rhonda Albom

    Too bad we didn’t meet just a bit earlier, than we could have really met up when you were in New Zealand. Congratulations again on your wonderful year and beautiful baby boy. Thanks for the mention.

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