Hollandse Nieuwe

My sister and brother in law are visiting us and we are doing some “Dutch stuff” like eating Hollandse Nieuwe. Have you ever tried Hollandse Nieuwe? What do you tipically eat in your home ... Read More

9 months

[versión en español] I started sorting all the pictures of Liam and I have realized I’m missing one memory card 🙁 As soon as I find it, I’ll able to make the collage complete. By the ... Read More

A trip to London

Guess who won the cupcake contest of Groningen Airport Eelde! Adivinad quién ganó el concurso de cupcakes de Groningen Airport Eelde! Happy wordless wednessday! ¡Feliz Miércoles Mudo!... Read More

The first solid bite

We have just started the baby led weaning (Rapley method), Liam gets steamed vegetables and fresh fruit in pieces and he eats them by himself. So far the only thing he doesn’t like much is caul... Read More