The best theme parks with camping

In the past years, we have visited quite a few zoos and theme parks. And if you ask me, I would always recommend staying a couple of nights. You can spend two days in the park and you won´t feel the pressure of seeing it all in one day and having to drive home. Our secret to keep the cots down is to go camping instead to a hotel. Many theme parks have a camping, where you can bring your own tent, caravan or camper, but also rent a bungalow, tipi tent or even a wagon. Does it sound like a plan? Here are the best theme parks with camping.

Europa Park

Europa Park was the first theme park that we visited with Liam. He was almost 2 years old and to our surprise, it was really fun and family-friendly. You can read our experience about Europa Park with a toddler.

Europa Park has a Camp Resort next to the theme park. The Camp Resort is also themed, like a Wild West town! Here you can sleep in a cabin, a wagon, a tepee or in your own tent/caravan. You cannot reserve the camping pitches in advance, while for the other accommodations you should book online here as soon as possible. We went in August and the camping was really busy, but there were extra fields open to accommodate everyone. TIP: if you need electricity, bring an extra extension cable with you. In the extra fields, the electricity box can be far away.

Tipidorf – picture from

The camping works like a parking. You can enter any time and get a “camping ticket”. Before you leave, you pay in the machines for the time expended. Very clever solution!

The best theme parks with camping: Europa Park

Besides everything looking like a West Wild town, there were also shows, a swimming lake and a playground. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Silver Lake Saloon, but also buy fresh baked bread and sweets. I was also surprised by the fact that there was someone permanently cleaning the toilet and showers.

The best theme parks with camping: Europa Park

Legoland Billund

I don’t know any child that doesn’t like Duplo or Lego and hence, a visit to Legoland in Billund is a must. When we visited Legoland, Liam was 2,5 years old and he enjoyed it a lot. Even though there were many attractions, he couldn’t ride. You can read our review our Legoland Billund with a toddler. 

Next to Legoland, there is the Legoland Holiday Village. They have camping pitches as well as Wild West cabins and Indian tents. You can book via the Legoland website and the price for a night depends on whether you want to purchase the a 2-day ticket for the park as well. TIP: if you have a 50% discount voucher, it’s cheaper to buy the tickets and the stay at the camping separately 🙂

Tipi – picture from Legoland Billund

The Holiday Village is also themed with Lego figures and has a big playground. The camping pitches aren’t assigned with the booking. You can pick the one you like on arrival. When we were there, it was quite busy and finding a pitch for our caravan seemed difficult. Fortunately, there was a Holiday Village employee helping out. The choice was “close to the playground or close to the toilet”.  We choose the first and I regret our decision when it started raining 😀

In the Holiday Village, there is a small grocery shop (with also Lego) as well as a restaurant, mini golf, TV room, NINTENDO GameZone and a barbecue area. In my opinion, it offers a good value for the money.

Beekse Bergen

Have you ever wanted to go on a safari? If South Africa is too far away, you can go to Beekse Bergen. Here you can do a safari with your own car, but also by bus, by boat or even by foot. 

Besides the safari park, there is a play/attraction park and a swimming lake. The camping ground is on the other side of the lake. You can settle in the camping and then use either the train-shuttle or the pirate boat to come to the play park or to the safari park.

The best theme parks with camping: Beekse Bergen

The camping is huge and in my opinion, the toilets are very far from each other. The pitches are big and they are assigned during the reservation. Somewhere in the tickets stays the field you have to look for (we didn’t look properly and we had to move from the place we thought it was ours). You need to reserve your pitch online here. While booking, you can add the “attraction pass”. This pass costs 25€ per person and allows you to visit the safari park, play park and other zoos and theme parks during your stay. This is a great deal if you are staying a couple of days, as a single ticket for one day costs up to 23€.

The best theme parks with camping: Beekse Bergen

In the camping, there are also bungalows and safari tents. This year, there’re also new accommodations inside the safari park: lodges, tree houses and safari tents. You can have a look at them by clicking on the banner below.

Which one is your favourite theme park? Which type of accommodation do you prefer?

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