Legoland Billund with a toddler: yay or nay?

Are you planning your next family holiday and are asking yourself if Legoland Billund with a toddler is fun? Well, we just visit Legoland Billund with our 2,5 years old toddler and our 3 months old baby. We though Legoland would be a perfect break on our way back from our RV road trip around Norway, was it? Read our experience and our tips to have the most of the park!

UPDATE: Legoland Billund is celebrating 50 years in 2018. They are offering many deals during this year, but the best Legoland Billund deal has just been released: until 31st August 2018, you can exchange your day ticket for a “Legoland Billlund: Pay for a day – Play for the rest of the season”. Pay 375DKK and visit Legoland until the end of this season (4th November 2018) as often as you wish. Such a great deal!

legoland billund with a toddler
Legoland with a toddler

We took the ferry in Kristiansand, Norway to Hirtshals, Denmark at midday and after two hours sailing and another couple of hours driving, we arrived at Legoland holiday village where we stayed in our RV. When we woke up the next morning, it was raining cats and dogs. Not what you’re expecting for a day in an attraction park!!! Will be there enough things to do and see inside? Should we really spend the day in the rain? As Dutch people would say “I’m made of sugar” and I was worried about our baby getting soaked, but before cancelling our visit I checked once more the weather forecast: around 10 the rain should stop for a couple of hours, so we decided to have breakfast and see later on if the rain stops. Around 9:30 am it was almost dry, so we decided to give it a try. The advantage of a day like this is that the park wasn’t crowded despite already being school holidays in Denmark: we didn’t wait more than 5 or 10 minutes for one attraction and many times we could ride it without waiting. To our surprise the rest of the day there wasn’t much rain and we even had some sunshine. Before I go on the details, let me show you a video of our day in Legoland.

So was Legoland with a toddler fun? Sure it was!! Our “druktemaker” was so excited about all the rides and the park that he didn’t take a nap 🙂 A part of the video is from the afternoon and you can see that he was rubbing his eyes as he was getting tired, but he didn’t want to miss anything. In fact, we almost rode all attractions suitable for him! We started with the monorail and then spent the rest of the morning in the Duploland, where we rode the duplo express and the planes several times. I think the duplo express was Liam’s favourite attraction. He loves to play with duplo and he has the train that it’s (almost) the same as the lego express. He just wanted to ride it again and again 😀

Legoland with a toddler: Duplo express
Legoland with a toddler: Duplo express

Duploland is the part of the park specially designed for toddlers, besides the rides, there’s a playground with duplo elements (15 times larger than the original ones) as well as the baby care centre, where you can nurse, feed or change diapers of the little ones. If it’s raining, you can walk two minutes and visit Atlantis where you board a submarine and travel to the bottom of the sea. It’s a little sea life and between the sharks, rays and other fishes, there’re also lego divers and figures.

Legoland with a toddler: Atlantis
Legoland with a toddler: Atlantis

It wasn’t easy to leave Duploland, but in the afternoon he went to ride other attractions: western ride, pirate boats, mini boats, lego train, caterpillar, lego safari, lego canoe and my favorite: the falk fire brigade where families compete against other families to become the fastest and most efficient fire-fighting team. This one was really fun, you first ride a fire-fighting truck by pumping and then you have to extinguish the fire. Once it’s completed, you should bring the truck back to the beginning. No matter how many or how old you are, everyone can participate. We weren’t so bad and got the second place!!

Legoland with a toddler
Legoland with a toddler

Our final stop was the miniland, where there’re cities, buildings and models from Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, USA, The Netherlands, England, Finland, Japan and Scotland, and since 2011 also from Star Wars. Here you can spend hours admiring more than 20 million Lego bricks!!

Legoland with a toddler: miniland
Legoland with a toddler: miniland

Not all attractions were suitable for toddlers, but there’s enough to see and to do for the little ones as well as for their parents: in some attractions you need to accompany your child, what a torture ;P !!

Legoland with a toddler 6Our conclusion is that Legoland with a toddler is really fun, also for the older children should be great as there’re more exciting rides and movies for them. In one day you can see the most of Legoland, but with a toddler, you won’t be able to ride every single attraction. So here are some tips from us to make the most of your visit:

-during the lunchtime (around 12) there were some empty attractions (Liam rode the duplo express twice on his own), on a busy day you can eat later and enjoy the attractions without queuing.

– you can take your own food and use the picnic areas or eat in one of the many restaurants. Some of the restaurants are all-you-can-eat (and drink), toddlers eat for free and older children are half price (adults pay 179 DKK, ca. 24€). The plus point of these restaurants is the ice cream buffet!

– Parking P6 is for free and just 5 minutes walk from the main entrance (otherwise 50 DKK = ca. 7€).

– At the entrance, you can rent a metal buggy for your toddler or just for all your belongings (it costs 50 DKK), if you are not able to bring your own.

– the price difference between a one day and two days ticket is minimal. In one day you won’t be able to cover all attractions, so it’s wise to go for two days.

– if you stay in the Legoland holiday village/camping or in the Legoland hotel, you can buy discounted tickets: 250 DKK (ca. 35€) for a two-day ticket. We paid 308 DKK/night (ca. 42€) for the camping.

– another way to find cheaper tickets is to buy Kelloggs in Germany (they have often a 50% discount coupon) or buying a Legoland Billund Groupon deal. Here is the 50% discount Legoland Billund tickets deal for 2018.

– NEW: until 31st August 2018, you can exchange your day ticket for a “Legoland Pay for a day – Play for the rest of the season”.

I hope you enjoyed our vlog and your visit to Legoland!! And if you already have been to Legoland, what would you recommend to others? Where are you going this summer?

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Legoland with a toddler
Legoland with a toddler

Thanks Legoland for the free tickets to the park!!

6 thoughts on “Legoland Billund with a toddler: yay or nay?

  1. I am so glad you had fun. Sometimes those rainy mornings are perfect as they scare away all the visitors that have other options. Love the colorful photos. We went to the Legoland in California when my girls were little, but much older than your toddlers. They loved it too.

  2. You know, even as an adult I have had certain curiosity for Legoland. I know the Lego displays are amazing. That would be reason enough for visit. Here in California they even have a Lego Hotel. I have read rave reviews about it.

  3. This Legoland has a different feel to it than the California one. Almost a little retro. As kids get older I think how much they like the park depends somewhat on how much they like Legos. The hotel in California is fantastic though. A fun place to spend a night. #wkendtravelinspiration.

  4. We have never been to Legoland. To be honest, I didn’t even know it existed. Seeing how much fun your family had there makes me feel guilty for not taking my son to Legoland when he was little.

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