Postcard from Ooty, India – ww

This week I have joined a photo club in the town I live. Each member brings a picture corresponding to the theme of the month. This month the theme was black and white with color and 20×20. Here is the picture I took with me: a postcard from Ooty, India.

Chai thee in Ooty India
Postcard from Ooty, India: Chai thee seller

Next time I should print the picture in real photo paper and use a passe-partout. I love the idea of printing the pictures as i don’t do it so often.

11 thoughts on “Postcard from Ooty, India – ww

  1. Great photo! I don’t print enough of my photos out either, I have several albums with photos from my old travels, but not much recently since it’s now all on my HDD. I think the B&W with a dash of colour works well with this photo!

    1. I loved Ooty too, after being three weeks working in Bangalore it was nice to have less chaos and “cold” weather 🙂

    1. th eoriginal picture was in color. I used gimp (free program) to change the picture to black and white: first select whatever should remain in color, control+I to inverse the selection and then change the saturation. Quite easy, just the selection takes time 🙂

    1. I can imagine that in big cities it’s not easy to see (and to sell) tea from the station, there’s always someone waiting.

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