Hiking with a baby in Yosemite NP

The reason we loved Yosemite NP was not only the incredible landscape but also the amount of hiking trials. Many things have changed since Liam (8 months in this trip) was born, but we also look for the ways to keep doing what we love. Today I want to share how we were hiking with a baby in Yosemite NP.

hiking with baby in yosemite np
hiking with baby in yosemite np

From Yosemite Valley there are a lot of trails, from easy, like Bridalveil Fall Trail, Lower Yosemite Fall Trail or Cook’s Meadow Loop, to strenuous, like Snow Creek Trail, Four Mile Trail strenuous, Half Dome Trail.

hiking with baby in yosemite np - trails
hiking with baby in yosemite np – trails

He first wanted to do the Mirror Lake Loop but someone told us that there was no water in the lake and that it’s a mistake to call it mirror lake as you don’t see any reflection. At the end we  choose the Vernal Fall trail, which part of it is easy and part of it is strenuous.

Hiking with a baby Yosemite NP - vernal fall
Hiking with a baby Yosemite NP – GPS traking


The first part of the trail takes you to the Vernal Fall Footbridge. This part is easy and accessible, but also uphill.

hiking with baby in yosemite np - vernal falls
hiking with baby in yosemite np – trail to Vernal Fall Footbridge

After the footbridge it starts the strenuous part: a steep granite stairway of over 600 steps. I need to admit that my fitness condition was quite low as I haven’t been doing any sport in the last year. When we were on the last part, there the stairs were also narrow (there was a railing to avoid people falling) and high, I was feeling quite tired and asking myself I will make it to the top of the fall.

hiking with baby in yosemite np - stairs to vernal falls

Well, at the end we reached the top! It was hard, but many hikers were encouraging me with phrases like “you rock!” or “go mom!” 🙂

hiking with baby in yosemite np - views
hiking with baby in yosemite np – views

The views from the top were awesome ad really worth the effort.

hiking with baby in yosemite np - vernal falls 2
hiking with baby in yosemite np – rainbow at vernal falls

On the way back, we even got more cheering and “ohhhhh”s and “cute!” as Liam felt asleep as soon as I put him back in our by kay mei tai. It was the first time I was hiking with him in such an uneven terrain and I felt more comfortable carrying him on the back on the way up and on the front on the way down. It worked out perfectly, it helped me to keep a good balance.

hiking with baby in yosemite np - vernal falls 3
hiking with baby in yosemite np – vernal fall

Overall it was a great hike and we would definitely recommend it. We would have followed the trail to the top of the Nevada fall but we had to come back to the campground to change our camping spot 🙁

You can check the full itinerary of our trip and more posts of yosemite np.

Do you hike with your baby? Have you been hiking with a baby in yosemite np? would you do it?

22 thoughts on “Hiking with a baby in Yosemite NP

  1. What a beautiful hike! We did the finger lakes this past Summer and are looking for more places to take the kids. They would love this!

    1. Thanks Rhonda! After the Tongariro Crossing (11h+ walking), I think I can take any hike. Well, my knee reminds me where are the limits 🙂

  2. Stunning views of a wonderful hike and we’ll done doing it with Liam 🙂 we uses to hike a lot when both our two were babies, mostly in uk, sometimes in Switzerland. Now love looking at the pictures of them either on our back or front, sometimes asleep after the long hike! Lovely memories 🙂

    1. I totally agree, the pictures when they are asleep in the carrier are the cutest. Also the “baby-wearing-selfie” is really fun

    1. Thank you Christine!
      I’m used to his weight as I carry him a lot, but those stairs were really steep. It was indeed a great workout 🙂

    1. he is always looking for the camera. Normally he smiles, but in here he was quite serious.

  3. It is awesome that you still manage to do these things with a child. I can’t imagine how it must complicate things. Go you for keeping it up!

    1. We are happy being three and we just try to make the best of each situation. In general, i think you can do almost the same as “before having a baby”, it just requires much more planning.

  4. You go girl! Looks absolutely stunning. Way to go for introducing your sweet baby to the beauty of this world! 🙂

  5. Wow! You sure do rock! We have not been to Yosemite yet, and while I used to go for walks with my older on my back when he was a baby and a toddler, I have not tried hiking with him. The first time I took him on a hike was when he was in Kindergarten. I can’t imagine hiking with a baby, but you have certainly proven it CAN be done! Good for you!

    1. it’s a matter of “want to” 🙂 In our last trip, my friends were carrying their toddlers for the first time. It was exhausting for them but otherwise you can’t get far if your toddlers are walking 🙂

  6. Hiked there but without child…that a lot of extra weigh and movement but so worth it to be with your child doing what you love

  7. OH, what memories this brings back! We have photos of lugging our kiddos around and it is just a fantastic way to keep on going when the kiddos arrive. Great way to introduce them to the world!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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