where to take the most Dutch pictures

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of The Netherlands? Most probably clogs, tulips and/or cheese, right and for sure you will want to take a picture with them. But what are the spots to get the most Dutch pictures?

where to take the most Dutch pictures
where to take the most Dutch pictures

1- Volendam, Photo in traditional costume

When: Any time. Cost: 28,50€/5 persons (15€/1 person)

This is without a doubt the most popular place to take a picture. Even though nowadays no one dresses like this anymore. You can take this picture any time of the year in one of the many photo shops. The prices are quite high but it’s a lot of fun. We paid 28,5€ (you pay for the amount of persons in the picture, starting with 15€ for one) and as it’s very popular and tourist keep coming, there’s no “cheap place”.  Ask if you can take the picture with your own camera as well, otherwise you only get a printed copy.

Photo in traditional costume in Volendam
Photo in traditional costume in Volendam

2- Rijksmuseum, picture with I amsterdam sign

When: Any time. Cost: free

There’re three I amsterdam sign in Amsterdam. The most popular is in front of the Rijksmuseum, another one is in Schiphol (so if you just have a connection in Amsterdam, you can still take the picture) and the third one changes places (last time it was at the passenger terminal).

picture with I Amsterdam in front of the Rijksmuseum
picture with I Amsterdam in front of the Rijksmuseum

3 – Zaanse Schans, picture in a huge clog

When: Any time. Cost: free

Zaanse Schans is just a short ride from Amsterdam and it’s worth for a day visit (it’s free, you just pay the parking).

zaanse schans picture in a huge clog
zaanse schans picture in a huge clog

4 – Keukenhof, tulip fields

When: April-May. Cost: free

 Well, there are tulips fields in many places (I wrote a whole post about tulips a while ago), but the most famous are around the Keukenhof. 

photo in a tulip field

5 – Amsterdam, picture wearing clogs 

When: Any time. Cost: free

There are many places where you can find clogs to take a picture with: Amsterdam, Keukenhof, Zaanse Schans…

photo with dutch clogs

Which one is for you the most Dutch picture? Which pictures did you take in The Netherlands?


14 thoughts on “where to take the most Dutch pictures

  1. Hahahaha, oooh dear! This brings back the trauma of taking my English family to ALL these sights. Maybe I am the only Dutch person who’s ever actually seen these places! 🙂
    Found you through #weekendwanderer

    1. ha,ha,ha, erkenbaar!! I visit these places when I have family or friends coming over

  2. What a fun collection of photos. The first is my favorite, and glad to see your baby too. Love the clogs too, the only thing missing is a windmill 🙂

    1. you’re right!! I will add. It was getting very late to keep looking for the picture 🙂

  3. Great post! I live in Albany, NY where the Dutch heritage is still seen in the annual Tulip Festival and the oversized clogs can still be found for a great photo-op!

    1. What a coincidence!! I have been to Albany a long time ago but it was in September so I didn’t see the tulip festival 🙂

  4. Love the giant clogs! It is so iconic and so much fun! Thanks for linking up with #WeekendWanderlust!

    1. Hi Lauren,

      thank you for the comment and for the organization of the link up

  5. I have the picture of me and the giant clogs 🙂 Sadly, I didn’t have a photo opportunity with any of the other locations. Did you stop by a windmill by any chance??

    1. Yes, I also have pictures with windmills. I have to look for them 🙂

    1. ha,ha,ha, true I forgot them!! At Zaanse Schans there’re a lof them 🙂

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