On the road: death valley

So far the best drive, Liam slept the whole way until we got to the first sightseeing. It’s all about timing I would say ­čÖé

We stopped in several places, but Liam’s favourite was the dunes. Such a big sand playground!

We also walked early in the morning to avoid the heat, but it wasn’t that bad. Maybe because we spent the evening in the swimming pool. Some people would say we had bad weather because it was just 90F and even got some rain.


Well I would say it was some drops of water, but it was interesting to see how quickly the clouds covered the sky. There was even a rainbow, which I guess it’s something special, isn’t?


4 thoughts on “On the road: death valley

  1. Glad you are having a great time and enjoying the states. Laim looks really happy too. I am glad the sand wasn’t too hot for Liam.

  2. I was just recently in Death Valley and the temps daily were around 114; was like walking in an oven. An amazing place to see though.

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