9 months

[versión en español]

I started sorting all the pictures of Liam and I have realized I’m missing one memory card 🙁 As soon as I find it, I’ll able to make the collage complete.

collage 1By the way I’m working on having two versions of the blog, on in English and one in Spanish. Instead of writing in both languages in one post. Let’s see if it’s not too much work…

14 thoughts on “9 months

    1. cambian rapidisimo y si no fuera por las fotos ya casi no me acordaría lo pequeño que era.

  1. Cómo cambian y solo han pasado 9 meses. Me han encantado las fotos. Lástima no haber tenido la idea cuando los mios eran asi de pequeños.

    Un beso y feliz MM

    1. creo que me falta algún mes, pero intento hacer una foto cada mes. Durante el embarazo tambien las hice y luego es gracioso ver como crece la tripa (o el bebé)

  2. Blogger has a language translator widget, but I don’t know about WordPress. I have only been using WP regularly since March, so I have a whole lot yet to learn. Babies have a flaw. You may have found this out already. The flaw is they grow up too fast. lol Oh, I wish mine were still small! I miss cuddling them. Mine are not only grown, but out of the house. *sigh* Hold on to these years. Happy #WW!

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