AtoZ: Bodegas Monje, Canary Islands

Three weeks ago we were in Tenerife, Canary Islands enjoying the view from the terrace of Bodegas Monje: their vineyards, sun, El Teide and beach. I hope you can appreciate the amazing view in the panorama picture below.

Bodegas Monje - panorama view
Bodegas Monje – panorama view

If you go to Tenerife, a visit to Bodegas Monje is one of the “must do”. They offer different events: guided tour and tasting, breakfast or lunch, cooking workshops and the special night event wine & sex.

Bodegas Monje - enjoying the sun in the terrace
Bodegas Monje – enjoying the sun in the terrace

We had a guided tour through the Bodegas Monje and then a tasting of their wines. Some interesting things about Bodegas Monje: they combine the tradition with modern techniques. In the past the vines were laying on the ground and then were lifted up with pieces of wood in order to avoid the grapes were touching the ground, like in the vines below.

Bodegas Monje – traditional vine

Nowadays the vines are higher and even though some process are done with machines, the harvesting of the grapes is mostly manually. The process of squeezing the grapes is now done with modern machines. If you go to a winery in France you must probably see a more “old fashion way”, while if you visit a winery in New Zealand you see also the same kind of machines as in Bodega Monje.

Bodegas Monje – vineyards

The fermenting of the wine is done with a mix of both ways, traditional and modern. They still use oak barrels for some of the wines. And while the wine is fermenting in the barrels, they also are used as part of the decoration. If you visit Bodegas Monje, you will realize that is not just a winery, they also collaborate with local artist and offer their space to exhibit their art. When we were there there was an exhibit of pictures from student of the photography academy.

Bodegas Monje

But most probably the most ingenious and provocative event is the wine & sex. A dinner with wine tasting with an erotic twist. There’s a wine & sex per season and if you are lucky to be in Tenerife the next 26th Abril, you can attend the wine & sex of spring.

Bodegas Monje - wine & sex
Bodegas Monje – wine & sex

But also a guided tour and tasting are worth. Maybe many of you have been already in many wine tastings, but another point that makes Bodegas Monje unique is the grape varieties. You won’t find the grape varieties anywhere else, so if you are a wine lover you must try their carbonic maceration wines.

Bodegas Monje - the wines
Bodegas Monje – the wines

Have you been to the Canary Islands or is it in your bucket list?


This is a sponsored post, we had a free guided tour and tasting.

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  1. I love wine tours. We used to go on them every summer when we had kendo camp in British Columbia.

    We see a lot of traditional wooden tree stilts here in Kyoto too. They add a lot to the atmosphere.

  2. Just want to reiterate that the panoramic view looks amazing, in fact all of your images do. I have never been to the Canaries but I know that this is a real hot spot for British folks going on holiday during the summer to get away from the dreary British weather. Hopefully will get there someday to experience the vineyards and wineries.

    Great post and looking forward to continuing you in the rest of the A to Z Challenge!

  3. What an interesting trip! Tenerife is a country that we have never really considered visiting, I think it is because we have certain impressions of the country that have been developed over the course of time by numerous tv programmes documenting a holiday that we don’t really want to experience but this post highlights that there is a different side to the island as well and maybe we need to stop being quite so judgemental in assuming the whole island is the same! 🙂

  4. Even though I have never ventured to the Canaries, I know several folks that have been here and they all have positive things to say. The wine tasting tour sounds awesome, a great way to sample some local creations I’m sure.

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