O is for Old looking pictures

Estaba buscando una foto y he encontrado estas. Las hice hace casi tres años en Scotland.

I was looking for a picture and I found these. I made almost three years ago in Scotland. 


¿Adivináis dónde es?

Guess where it was?



5 thoughts on “O is for Old looking pictures

    1. Yes, it is!!! both pictures are taken in castle. I thought it would be difficult to guess if I only put the one with the lady 🙂

  1. Gorgeous photos, Shere! I followed you here from Rebecca’s blog when I was there making a comment.

    I love your photos and your theme, and the fact that your blog is bilingual! Can’t wait to follow and see more.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      thanks for your comment! I’ll stop by your for sure 🙂

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