Freebie: boarding pass templates

Ya sabéis que la temática de nuestra boda fueron los viajes y que las invitaciones fueron tarjetas de embarque. Poco después de la boda empecé el blog “boda temática” en TodoBoda y fue allí donde compartí las fotos de las invitaciones. La reacción fue tan positiva que he preparado plantillas para las invitaciones para compartir con todo aquel que esté interesado.

We had a travel-themed wedding and our invitations were boarding passes. Shortly after the wedding I started blogging at TodoBoda and there I shared pictures of the invitations. I had so many positive reactions to that posts that I decided to created templates of the invitation and of the envelopes to share with all those who are interested.

freebie boarding pass wedding invitations
freebie boarding pass wedding invitations

Nuestra invitación se compone de una tarjeta de embarque un sobre con papel craft, una tarjeta tipo etiqueta de maleta como RSVP y un sobre tipo “air mail” forrado por dentro con un mapa vintage. Los sobre los podéis ver en este el post freebie travel wedding envelope.

Our wedding invitation consists of a boarding past with a craft paper envelope, a luggage tag RSVP and a air mail envelope lined with a vintage map. The envelopes are in the post freebie travel wedding envelope.

freebie boarding pass wedding invitations
freebie boarding pass wedding invitations

He preparado una plantilla con la tarjeta de embarque y el RSVP en un pdf editable.

First freebie is the boarding pass and the RSVP card in an editable pdf.

freebie boarding pass wedding invitations
freebie boarding pass wedding invitations

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  2. Hi, I love your boarding pass wedding invitation. My fiance is British but lives in the Netherlands and currently works in Malawi. I live in South Africa. We plan to do lots of travelling after we are married and his family will be flying to our wedding in SA, so the wedding invitation is really a nice touch. Could you please send it in PDF? Thanks so much! Anneke

    1. shere

      Hi Anneke,
      thanks for visitinf our blog! wow, you are having a very international wedding!!
      i have sent you the pdf via facebook message (it will be in your folder ‘others’). Please let me know if you have any doubts 🙂

  3. Giselle Nakamura

    Hola Shere y Paul! Nos ha encantado vuestra invitación, nos parece muy original. Nos podríais enviar el pdf por favor? Mil gracias y enhorabuena por el blog! =)

    1. shere

      Hola Giselle,

      gracias por pasarte por nuestro blog y felicidades por la boda!!! te acabo de mandar un email con la plantilla pdf. Si no lo ves o tienes algún problema, dímelo.

  4. Marieta Hache

    Hola! Me encantan tus tarjetas de boda. Me gustaría si es posible que me enviaras la plantilla en corel. Muchísimas gracias por compartirlas 🙂

  5. Cailin Moran


    I have been looking for templates of these exact invites! We are on a huge budget as are many people when organising their wedding! If you could send me the printable templates for the boarding pass invites, as you have mentioned on your webpage i would really appreciate it.

    1. shere

      Hi Cailin,

      I sent you the files via facebook. There’re a lot of things that you can do yourself and save lots of money. Printing the invitations is one of them, but also DIY gifts for the guest 🙂


    1. shere

      Hola Patricia!

      enhorabuena por la boda y muchas gracias por pasarte por el blog. Tienes el pdf en tu buzon 🙂

      Una sugerencia: despues de recortar las invitaciones, lo mejor es usar una troqueladora de esquinas redondas 🙂


  6. Monica Rendon

    Your invitation is a great idea. Would you be able to share the PDF version of the invitation, and the template for the envelop.

    This is just what we were looking for.

  7. math'elo

    Buena idea… A mi me gusta mucho tu “boarding pass”. Puede enviarme la plantilla en el formato corel? Quisiera modificarlo con nuestros nombres.

    Muchas gracias

  8. Bunga Manggiasih

    Hi! Your boarding pass printables seem really nice. I'd love to use them for my upcoming wedding, too! We're both Indonesians but spent the last three years apart — he studied in Russia while I took my graduate study in The Netherlands and Hungary — so traveling around the world have coloured our days. Naturally we'd love to have a travel-inspired wedding.. Please do send the pdf templates to XXX Much thanks and warm greetings from Indonesia 🙂

  9. Manuel

    Hola Shere,

    Nos ha gustado mucho vuestra idea de las invitaciones y con vuestro permiso nos gustaria tratar de adaptarlas a las nuestras. Agradeceria nos enviases las plantillas para ver si lo podemos conseguir

    Gracias y saludos

  10. melanie sigler

    Thank you for sharing this very unique idea! I would love obtaining a copy in the form of a PDF via email. Thank you so very much!

    Warm Regards,

    Melanie Sigler

  11. Jac Martin

    love these! could I please have the templates for your boarding pass and envelope. they are the nicest boarding pass invitations i have seen online.
    My fiance and I have travelled to over 30 countries together including your latest post on fb, Dusseldorf :). This would be the best invitation for us.

    I’ve liked your fb page (Jac Martin). Can I please please have the templates

  12. Svenja Zeit

    Hello! I love your designs! Me and my fiancé are getting married next year in Germany – we love to travel and will have lots of international guests! Could you send me the templates for air mail envelope, luggage tag and boarding pass? Thanks so much! Svenja

  13. Lisa Brent

    I have spent the last few weeks trawling the internet for a save the date invite, this is the perfect design. We're getting married in Venice next September so if you could you send me the templates for air mail envelope, luggage tag and boarding pass? Thanks in advance. Lisa Brent

  14. Barbara Lara


    Yo estoy muy feliz de encontrar su sitio! Es precioso!
    Soy brasileña y me encantó poder encontrar este maravilloso consejo de otro país! ¡Gracias por compartir!

    Me gustaría recibir el modelo de esta invitación por e-mail. Es possible?

    Muuuy gracias!

    Barbara =)

  15. NhorcriZindy Mahko Buguina Dannug

    hi!can you send me the free boarding pass and the RSVP card in pdf file together with the template for the envelope and the vintage map for the air mail's my email thank You!

  16. Hi there and greetings from Finland !:) I absolutely love your invites. Could you please send all the templates pdf? Also the envelope and the vintage map for the air mail envelope. Thank you so much!

  17. Jime

    Hola! me encanto la plantilla, nosotros tambien tendremos una boda muy internacional por eso nos vendria muy bien tener una invitacion con este modelo. Me puedes mandar la plantilla a mi mail en pdf. Muchas gracias!!

  18. ¡Hola! Me encantó sus invitaciones. Soy canadiense, mi novia es de Brasil y nos vamos a casar en España, ¡así que sus invitaciones serían perfectas! ¿Podéis enviarnosla en formato corel y pdf?
    ¡Muchísimas gracias!
    Un saludo,

  19. irene kwon

    I luckily run into you blog and i love your boarding pass invitation. i’m getting married in june 2014. i and my fiance have different nationality so it will be the perfect one for us. I already liked your facebook page (my name is seongeun kwon) please send me this in pdf thanks a lot! 🙂

  20. Dishi Phangurha

    I love these! I am British and my fiancé is American. We met in Vietnam and have been working in different countries ever since. Would love it if you could send the templates

  21. Jac Jac Jacqui

    Hi there I really like your design can you please send me the templates for the boarding pass and the envelopes in PDF as well as the Save the date with a tulip. Thank you

  22. Thu

    The idea is great and I love it very much. Traveling is also part of our relationship and so I wish to have such a theme for our wedding. Could you please share with me and send the pdf version of the invitation card, envelope and map to xxx? Thank you very much and wish you a great day!

  23. Katie Webber

    I love this idea and I think it is the perfect idea for my sister who is having a destination wedding. Could you please send me the PDF?


  24. Rachel

    Hi there these boarding pass invites are amazing.
    May I please have a copy of the boarding pass invites, RSVP cards and the envelopes via pdf? Thanks!

  25. Aleksandra

    Hi! I´d love the template to the boardinpass invites also …. please send it to my email … thank you very very much … greetings from croatia 😉

  26. Mandee Frank

    I am really interested in the boarding pass template in pdf. I am also doing a destination wedding and these would be great! Looking for the envelope, RSVP and invitation.


  27. Vanessa

    hola, nos encantaron tus invitaciones. nuestra boda sera de la misma temática y me gustaría recibir el pdf.

    (By the way , mi fiancé es espanol tmb)

  28. Lisa Reis

    Hola!!! Me enamoraran tus tarjetas de boda. Mi tema tambien son las viajens ya que mi novio es espanol y you portuguesa e ya vivimos em muchos paises diferentes! Me gustaría muchissimo, si es posible que me enviaras la plantilla en corel. Muchísimas gracias por tu ayuda! Mi correo es

  29. Emily Wood

    Hi there! I love these boarding pass invitations and I sent you a private message on Facebook with my email address. I would love if you could send me your template. Thank you so much!

  30. Anne Caterina

    Hi, I was looking for passport or boarding pass invitiations forever since my fiance and I also have a history of a lot of travelling (he is from ghana, i am from germany living in france), so I would be very very grateful if you could send me the pdf as well!! Many greetings, Anne

  31. Dubray Louison

    Hi !

    I really like your boarding card invitations, please could you send me invitation and enveloppe, (pdf version), our wedding will be in september !

    Best regards

  32. Latoya

    Could you send me the PDF templates for the boarding pass the envelope and the vintage map for the air mail envelope at xxxx, please. Many Thanks.

  33. Nuestra boda tb est temática viajera chicos… y estamos con las invitaciones…

    estamos cogiendo ideas, los sobres donde les comprasteis?? me gustan mucho

    gracias por pasarnos la plantilla en pdf por favor, porque el corel no le sabemos usar

  34. Thomas Hartmann

    Hey, I really adore your creative work and would like to enjoy a copy for a personal birthday present. Would you be so kind and share your boarding pass and the RSVP card in PDF format? Thanks a lot!

  35. Maja

    hello! We fell in love with this idea for our destination wedding cards. What a fantastic idea! Could you please send me the pdf for everything? Thank you so much for sharing this!

  36. Selena Chase

    I really love this design. Could you please email me the pdf version of the map, boarding pass, RSVP and envelopes? Send to xxx. Thank you!

  37. Denise

    Hi! I’m having a luau party for my son’s 1st birthday and would love the PDF version of these templates if you’re still sending them out. THANKS!!

  38. Mónica arranz rosa

    Me encanta el sobre para la tarjeta de boarding pass, he hecho las invitaciones muy parecidas y me estoy volviendo loca para encontrar un sobre a juego. Si pudieras enviarme la plantilla te lo agradecería, muchas gracias!

  39. Anónimo

    I would appreciate so much if you send me the boarding pass, envelop, map, & RSVP in PDF, all you do is fantastic!! Congratulationes and thank you very much for the templates 🙂

  40. Irene

    Buenas tardes!!
    Somos una pareja española viviendo en Dublín desde hace un año. Hemos decidido casarnos aquí y tu invitación creo que nos viene como anillo al dedo!!
    Podría recibir las plantillas? Por favor!!

    Muchas gracias 😉

  41. Pauline NICOLAS


    I’ve just discovered your page and the absolutely gorgeous invites that you made! Could you please send me the PDF version ?

    Thanks a lot ! 🙂

  42. SC

    Just liked your FB page.
    Can you please send me the PDF version of the boarding pass & RSVP and the envelope to the email address above? They are so cute and look very professional!

  43. ander

    Buenos días,

    Buscando invitaciones de boda con temática viajes me he topado con tu blog y me ha encantado.
    ¿Es posible que me envies la plantilla en pdf?

    Muchas gacias.

  44. Aine Goodall

    We are getting married abroad and I absolutely love your boarding pass invitations. Can you please send me the PDF boarding pass, envelop, map, & RSVP? Thanks alot, Aine

  45. Tope

    I love this idea. I’m having a milestone birthday next year and planning a trip to Vegas, this would be great to send out to everyone. Could you please send me the templates if you are still doing this?

    Thanks so much.

  46. Sarah

    Hey thank you so much this is the template I need for my wedding as it will take place more than 1500 km away ! Could you send them to me? Thank yo uso much ! Have a nice day 🙂

  47. Sophia

    Hi Shere and Paul.

    I LOVE what you suggested and would love a pdf version of the luggage package for invitations. My fiancé and I are planning our wedding in Italy next July and find this vintage look perfectly suitable!

  48. Sandra

    Hi, I am getting married in Turkey next year and would love this idea for our stationery. Would you be able to send me it please in a version that I could edit our details of venue etc. Thank you x

  49. Elsa

    Can you please email me the PDF files for the boarding pass, envelope template, map, and RSVP? I would love to use them for my sons birthday party. Thank you!

  50. hemangi

    hello! this idea is lovely and perfect for our destination wedding cards. Could you please send me the pdf for boarding pass, envelop, map, & RSVP. Thanks

  51. love&laughter

    Wow what a fantastic idea – we love this!

    Can you please email us the PDF boarding pass, envelope template, map, & RSVP. Thank you so much 🙂

  52. Terry

    Wow, this is exactly what i’m looking for! Your boarding pass invitations looks lovely! If you could send me the boarding pass, envelope, map, & RSVP in PDF.

    Many thanks! xx

  53. Ana

    Hello! I’m currently the Wedding Planner for my dear friend and this wedding invitation idea is fabulous. Can you please send the PDf version for the boarding pass, envelope, map, & RSVP? Thank you so much. Xoxo!

  54. Hi! I was looking for a template for save the date cards, and came across your blog. It is really great! Could you please send me the pdf version of your boarding pass template? I loved the idea and would really appreciate it.

  55. Hola!!
    Muchas gracias por compartir este post con los que estamos planeando boda!
    Como dices, me gustaría que pudieras enviar a mi correo las plantillas para poder hacerlo. Si es posible en PDF.
    Muchas gracias y saludos desde Chile!

  56. Silvia Fernández

    Hola Soy de Costa Rica y mi novio de Alemania. Nos vamos a casar el otro anio en CR y me encantan tus invitaciones!! Me podrias mandar los templates para todo? Ya le di like a tu facebook también, qué bonita idea que has tenido!

  57. Alice

    Hi there, I really love the design and it would be a great wedding invite. Please can you send me the pdf versions of the boarding pass, envelope, map and RSVP? Thank you very much.

  58. Laure

    WOW! I’ve been looking for a nice boarding pass wedding invitations and I really love yours, especially the envelope with the vintage map! We have a lot of people coming from abroad to our wedding so it would be absolutely gorgeous!
    Could you please send me the templates for the vintage map envelope, for the bording pass and for the luggage tag?
    If by any chance you have the files in .psd it would be wonderful! If not PDF would be great.
    Thank you A LOT!

  59. Stephanie

    Hi, I just liked your fb page. I think this was a great idea, you did a really good job. Please send me the pdf file of the whole set. Please and Thank-you!

  60. jinky taguines

    Good day! really like this design. Could you please email me the pdf version of the map, boarding pass, RSVP and envelopes? Thank you!

  61. Dan Harrison

    Hi 🙂 I have liked your facebook page. I love this design, please could you email me all the necessary download links? I am not sure which version I need yet so if you are able to send all please I would really appreciate it. Can I add background photos to it also? Dan

  62. Faratul Nia

    hi there! could u pleaseee send me the pdf version for the lugage tag and also the lugage tag rsvp together with the envelope..pretty please….

  63. Virginia

    WOW!! I fell in love with these invites.. Could you please send me the PDF editable version of the complete package (boarding pass, RSVP, envelope/map)? I’d love to use it for my destination wedding in Mexico, especially since we’re inviting people from around the world.. What an awesome idea! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much you’re helping DIY couples.. Thanks a lot! (Just liked you guys on FB as well.) 😀

  64. Melissa Smith

    OMG I love these!!! would you please send me everything in a pdf, we’re getting married aboard next year and this is exactly what I was looking for! x

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